Monday, April 27, 2009


Furverts is a book about well...... what happens with school mascots after too much Milwaulkee's Best or down time in the Chucky Cheese break room. either way Photographs are by Michael Cogliantry and the design is by his lovely wife Jen Cogliantry. Here, read the totally gross discription Amazon gives the book. I may need to wash my eyes now.

"Birds do it bees do it but no one does it like furries do it. Long an underground cult phenomenon furries—people who dress up in furry animal costumes and role play—have gone global holding conventions where furries from around the world can meet and mingle. Photographer Michael Cogliantry captures the kinky intimate side of the furry subculture—an elephant and a donkey a chicken and a fox caught in flagrante delicto. The playful board-book format opens with a peek-a-boo ring of fur on the cover inviting the reader into the "illicit" and hysterically funny world of furverts."

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