Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Noboru Iguchi, of Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police fame, is following up his phallic-faced ladies with an army of robot geishas. But don't worry, just because she's proper doesn't mean her face doesn't turn into a buzz saw.

Some viewer comments:


Heaping plate of awesomeness is what this looks like.

-okay, just what the fuck is in the water in Japan?
I was keeping my shit together until her legs transformed into a tank...then I pooped.

-Wow. I can't unsee that. Not that I am sorry I saw it, but my eyes will never be the same again

-Is it actually possible that this could at the same time be both the best and worst preview I have ever seen? I do believe the announcer actually molested me with his voice... for better or worse.

Thanks Garnett for another winner!

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