Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Drunk: the Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary

Drunk: the Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary has hit the shelves—breaking the Guinness World Record for most synonyms for one word. But that wasn’t enough for Paul and us: we wanted more. And so Melville House has launched www.thedrunkdictionary.com. We’re sure there are words and phrases that we’ve missed, and so we’re asking you:

“Is your favorite way to say smashed, roasted, on the sauce, or Dean Martoonied missing from our list?” If so, let us know!

Visit the website to submit your most beloved word or phrase describing drunkenness. Just a few rules: You can submit as many ways to express inebriation as you wish. All we ask is that you keep it relatively inoffensive, source your entry (whether it was overheard in a restaurant, circulated among a certain college’s alumni, or discovered in a book) and leave us your name and email. Oh, and make sure you’re not suggesting a term that we’ve already included in the dictionary!

Eventually we’ll compile all of the submissions and pick out our favorites for a second revised edition of Drunk: the Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary, so your word or phrase could end up a permanent part of the dictionary (and you can claim to be part of a world record).

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