Monday, May 18, 2009

Love chance

This guy got dumped by his girl and spent 9 months making this video for all the gay men watching... I mean for her. Lets look further shall we.

1. Bryan Adams........ really.

2. Taking a break from your IT job and Chuck Norris' Total Gym to demonstrate your self love and feature every one of your cool all terrain vehicles does not make you a dedicated and sensitive partner.

3. Khakies are the new chemical castration. Seriously, they do nothing for your game.

4. Your 7 minute and 43 second video expressing the depth of your feelings for this girl shouldn't double as your "Survivor Audition Reel".

5. Footloose was like 25 years ago.

6. For the love of God please come to the TRUE realization that who ever filmed you for the last 9 months is the one you should be with. Like Duckie in Pretty in Pink... don't let him slip away.

For more in depth stalking visit here and become entangled in this mess. It goes beyond the video- this guy is crazy.

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